Our Benefits

Radiance Technologies offers a comprehensive package of Company sponsored benefits to full-time employees and their dependents.

Health and Dental Insurance

Radiance maintains a group health and dental insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Full-time employees may elect individual or family coverage.   Employees who elect to enroll in the plan will be covered as of their first day of employment. 

Disability and Life Insurance 

The Company provides disability and life insurance for all full-time employees. Employees may purchase supplemental life and disability insurance to increase their total coverage. 

Vision Care Plan

Radiance offers a vision care plan (VCP) through Humana Vision.  Employees may elect individual or family coverage.  Employees who elect to enroll in the plan will be covered as of their first day of employment.

Paid Time Off 

Radiance believes that it is very beneficial to individual employees and the Company that time away from work be taken for rest and relaxation. The company provides each full-time employee with Paid Time Off (PTO) based on years of service. PTO encompasses the full spectrum of paid leave – vacation, sick leave, and holidays.

Retirement Plans 

Radiance Technologies supports its employees’ efforts to save for their retirement by offering a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) for convenient and tax-deferred savings through employer-provided accounts.  

Equity Incentive Plan 

Radiance has also established an Equity Incentive Plan to advance the interests of the company and our shareholders by providing an incentive to attract, retain, and reward top performers and motivating them to contribute to the growth and profitability of the company. The company may grant a variety of equity compensation including incentive stock options, restricted stock/restricted stock units, or stock appreciation rights.

Section 125- Cafeteria Plan 

Radiance maintains a Flexible Spending Account that allows for certain pre-tax benefits for otherwise non-covered health costs.  Health and dental insurance premiums paid by the employee are deducted pre-tax.  The plan also allows employees to set up a Medical Reimbursement account for allowable out-of-pocket medical expenses, a Dependent Care Assistant account for allowable expenses related to child care, and an Individually-Owned Health Insurance Account for allowable health insurance plans.


Radiance has an Educational Assistance Reimbursement program to assist employees with costs associated with continuing education.  Employees will be reimbursed a portion of the cost of tuition, books, and fees for company-approved courses upon completion of the course with required grades.  

 This is intented to be a summary only and subject to change at any time.

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